$wå is an anti-everything group founded in 2013. The group was mostly anti-brony, but also focused on furries, weaboos, newfags and wannabes. The followers of the group ban raided a majority of accounts having to do with anime, furries and My Little Pony. The group also took on trolling and harassing those people on kik, often baiting them to click on IP loggers in order to Dox or ddos them. The group had a big influence, having many official members and a lot of people that took on the $WÅ title. This group was particularly strong but its influence over time diminished, especially during the great purge where one of the feature accounts gained admin privileges and banned everyone le_niqqa and SwagYoloBoy were subscribed to. LordB8r is currently the leader of the group, taking over after SandpaperCondoms died. The group currently has three divisions - Cyber, Spamming, and Intelligence. I'm gay HAHA


$WÅ is mostly a raid group led by internalpilgrim. CastratedNigNogs leads the cyber battalion, and there are an estimated 500 members. The group has since taken over the tags #DDLG, #roleplay, and #rp, as well as DDOSing the Brazil servers in January of 2017.

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