The ADA was a group that targeted hacked and ban-raided several groups including Fandoms, Fetish Accounts and basically anything that wasn't seen as "fit" for iFunny.

Activity (2014-2015)

Created in late 2014 the alliance was formed when larger offensive accounts rallied against different anime accounts. Around the end of 2014 it grew to around 40+ members. They fell apart around early 2015 due to members leaving and shaky leadership. The ADA still exists but isn't as prevalent as it used to be.

Fighting against the Porn accounts

Most of these were a big campaign lead by various vigilante members. They set up various fake accounts and went into different kik chats and made a fake account on iFunny, Ban-raiding many of them.

Fighting against the Anime accounts

Anime accounts mainly hated the ADA and many tried to destroy it. The ADA reportedly hacked an account and DDOS'd it and the hacked account fell back to the original owner in a couple hours.

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