The American-Brazilian Ifunny War also known as the Ifunny Server War began on January 2, 2017.

The meme war began when an iFunny user uploaded a photo of a burning Brazilian flag. A Brazilian moderator banned that post, thus aggravating American iFunny users and starting the war between the American and the Brazilian servers.

As the war waged on, many people s who were sick of what was happening started to rally behind a well known user by the name of "Dibly" currently "Kameron" to stop this war. They were able to reach out and create a breach to the Brazilian server via republishing a post to gain access to their users. Some success went their way and temporary peace was made.

Popular iFunny users “Ark” and “Sandpapercondoms” contributed to the war and got banned by the moderators moderating the Brazilian server. This sparked even more anger by the users of the American servers and motivated many users (especially those from the “Offensives” tags) to contribute to the war efforts on the Brazilian server. Even popular moderator “Weest” contributed to the raiding. Only to take back what he said after.

The American iFunny users contributed to the invasion of the Brazilian server by mocking Brazilians about living in huts and slums, poverty, lack of food, dirty water, and cancerous memes ranging from 2012 and earlier. The Americans also contributed by commenting racial slurs such as “zika n*gger”, “jungle n*gger”, “mud n*gger”, and "poverty"n*gger".

In the last two days of the war, the amount of American iFunny users began declining. The war ended the afternoon of January 7, 2017 due to iFunnyChef, the creator of iFunny preventing all American iFunny accounts from posting pictures and gifs, comments, liking photos and gifs, and republishing pictures and gifs on the Brazilian iFunny server. iFunnyChef betrayed his own country by mocking them and preventing them from doing anything on the Brazilian iFunny server, thus ending the war. The majority of the remaining American iFunny users retreated back to the American server, while some stayed behind, showing their loyalty to the cause by waiting until American users have the ability to do anything on the Brazilian server once again.

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