The Anti Brony Brotherhood (dubbed ABB for short) was a group on iFunny notorious for trolling and angering Bronies, mainly by posting pictures of their rediculous rage comments. It was originally a troll group on 4chan, but it soon died off. Later, it was brought back on iFunny by Anti_Brony_Gods, back when the profile was run by one person. 


The ABB mainly focused on angering Bronies, often exploiting their interest in pony dolls and whatnot. In doing so, they also hoped to ban some Bronies, especially the ones who did nothing but post pictures of their favorite ponies. They did this in the form of organized Ban Raids. Under the lead of Anti_Brony_Gods, they made a name for themselves. However, they did not wish for the ABB to be viewed as "radicals". This was shown when the ABB banned Brony_Holocaust_2014 for being an "uneducated newfag". Bronies thanked the ABB for this.

Though the Anti Brony Brotherhood was against bronies, the leaders, Anti_Brony_Gods, vowed that they only wished to troll the "rabid bronies", who are Bronies that fit the stereotype. 


When is was first re-established, its main leader was Anti_Brony_Man. He then later shared the profile with Anti_Brony_Army, in which they became "The Anti Brony Gods". Anti Brony Army became known as ABA and Anti Brony Man was ABG. Around this time they had 700 subscribers.

In April after they had achieved 1,300 subscribers, an unknown conflict arose between the two leaders and the ABB split apart. Much controversey rose, and ABB members were confused as to why it happened. FreddyX and Vanity_The_Anarchist became the new elected leaders. However, their reign was short because ABG and ABA returned in May later to reclaim their spot.

The End of An Era

The Anti Brony Gods held this position until June 14, when they sadly retired the brotherhood. The ABB had finished with a record of about 2,000 members, more than any other offensive group on ifunny. In addition, the brotherhood had a kill count (brony ban count) of about 100 bronies. Half of which were cloppers. The retired members remained offensive. However, they all fell apart. An estimated 500 former members were killed (banned) in The Great Server Crash, including Anti Brony Gods. "Memorial" posts were everywhere, saluting the fallen members. 

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