General Information

Anti Brony Gods (also known as the ABG's) were the founders of The ABB and widely known as militant offensive users. They came on to the scene in late February, though ABA and ABG had their own profiles in January. Anti Brony Gods had been noticed by many verified users, many of which were part of the ifunny team. One case of this was when ABA called mandinga an "anorexic slut" and taunted her to ban him, proving that her power to ban had been taken away by Ifunny_Chef after she abused the power. She cursed him out. 


Anti Brony Gods posted a variety of offensive humor, mainly targeted at Fandomers. Aside from offensive humor, they posted comments that Bronies said to them, which were often "rediculous threats" and "embarassing rages". By doing so, they triggered the Brony fandom, and became the #1 target of ban raids. The ABGs posted Ban Raids of their own, at times. Many of them were successful, including the one on the_brony_defender, in which ABG forced her to beg for mercy (literally). Some ban raids were rather unsuccessful, such as the raid on Czek, a rabid furry. Czek ordered a raid in return, but it also proved unsuccessful. The ABGs also posted rants and troll gifs. 

Their profile has been hacked multiple times by Big Nig. This was especially prominent during the war against the A.W.A.(Assholes With Attitude). ABA managed to fight them off on kik with FreddyX.  

The ABGs were one of the many who were lost in  The Great Server Crash. It happened when ABA exposed iFunnyBry as a reposting fraud and got top comment on her posts, insulting her. Either she or Ifunny Chef took offense to it, and they banned Anti Brony Gods for good. Around that time, ABG and other offensives found a way of posting during the server crash, and that also may have angered Chef. 

Nowadays, ABG resides as leaguez and ABA is ABA_Gold, though he rarely uses ifunny anymore. Both are still active on kik.

Trivial Information

Not much is known about the mysterious duo. Both ABA and ABG are fans of comics and videogames. ABA hates cats, homeless people, and emos, since they were the subject of his "You know what's Bullshit?" series. ABG is likely more serious than ABA, as he was more cautious of getting banned. 

It is also noticable that ABA is a huge fan of Godzilla, since he was formerly a Godzilla Profile Jat_Jeguar. He also likes horror movies because one of his older profiles is The_Horror_Page

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