Not to be confused with Server Crashes, Bannocausts are rare occurrences on iFunny in which in a short period of time (typically over the course of two days or so), the app's moderators and administrators begin to ban large amounts of accounts in an attempt to exterminate the target type of account from the app, or from certain sections of it. So far, these purges have been exclusive to offensives and spammers.

Bannocausts vary in size. In some cases, they're referred to as server crashes.

Most Notable Bannocausts

The most infamous bannocaust occurred on August 14th, 2014 when a Verified user called Untouchable banned seemingly around 300 (Most claim 3000) ifunny users when they had called him out for being a Pedo for some of his secret posts. It caused an uproar and almost every community from PolandBall to the fandoms lashed out on him. Another notable one took place February 5 of 2015, when around 100 popular offensive accounts were banned, including but not limited to, KentuckyFriedJews, iRustling, HateCrimes, DarrenVSEmo, EmoRustler, and Wumbo_Dumbo. A similar occurrence happened sometime in March or April of the same year, when another large wave of bans impacted the offensive community, influencing people to refer to these seemingly random waves of bans as "bannocausts," being an appropriate play on the word "holocaust". From late December of 2017 through early January of 2018, a bannocaust scare occurred when several offensives were banned simultaneously.

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