General Information

Big Nig, also known as The_Big_Nig or Beeg_Neeg, is an extremely dangerous hacker who originated on iFunny. He first made his appearance by hacking Anti_Brony_Army, in which he stole his subscribers and left his profile devastated. Then, Big Nig hacked other smaller users, like Lukathebird. Eventually, he stopped "hecking" offensive users and targeted fandomers instead. He even went as far as to hack fandom profiles on Instagram. 

Big Nig also threatened to attack and kill people in real life. He often commented on Furries' posts, "I iz gon heck u and gass ur convention". He also became an extreme offensive, as he posted pictures saying "for every liek i will beat my son lel" or "Deth 2 cancer paitients". He has a signature laugh that he leaves in the comments of profiles he is about to hack: "Auahauhauahauhauahau!!!!"


The A.W.A, or 'Assholes with Attitude', was a group of extreme hackers. Apparently, Chef sent them to destroy all the offensive users, but they targeted fandomers as well. Big Nig was a member alongside leader 2_slick and Fo_shizzle. They had a run-in with ABA again, but this time he was Anti_Brony_Gods, complete with 1,000 subs. FreddyX and Lukathebird also joined in on the fight, and together the four anti bronies overpowered the A.W.A. However during all this, Big Nig hacked ABG and ABA but they found a way out. 

Trivial Information

Big Nig is african american. He is a strict brogre who "hecks" profiles as tribute to Shrek. He is an underground rap artist and semi-terrorist. Many believe he was responsible for the furry convention gassing. Big Nig "apparently" has two children. One is a 5 year old Muslim he kidnapped and named "Poopy". The other is a malnourished Indian he kidnapped named "Starvey". It is assumed Starvey died, as Big Nig stated he had not feed him for a month. He beats both of them. 

It is unknown if Big Nig even exists. Many believe each profile was someone different, and he is just a gag. Though all his hacks were legit. Some believe a few were staged. People assume that ABA of Anti_Brony_Gods was actually Big Nig, and he staged the hacking. However, many kik conversations were held with the A.W.A and Anti Brony Gods, in which all were talking at the same time. 

King_Jimmy_Rustler claims that Big Nig and the A.W.A were sent by Chef to hack all offensives. Once again, this cannnot be proven. 

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