General Information

Birding_Memes is an ifunny user who mainly posts memes about birding and memes about birds and ornithology, the study of birds, encouraging other users on iFunny to get interested in birds. He has been featured 3 times and has over 1,800 memes on his page,more than 300 subscribers and 281 subscriptions and over 200,000 smiles and growing on all of his memes. He has never been banned once. He lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Overview & History

Birding_Memes joined in December of 2016 as Jame6sthe6issilent posting mostly random memes about Star Wars, Attack On Titan and other things. In April 2018,he changed his name to Birding_Memes and purged all of his old memes not having to do with birding. In May of 2018,he got featured for the first time and started gaining popularity. In October of 2018, he did a face reveal after reaching 300 subscribers

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