Table of contents:

  • What is CATT
  • Future of CATT
  • Notable raids
  • Notable members

What is CATT?

CATT is an iFunny group that was created by Greenfinlandballl_CATT in response to the $WA led by user Sandpapercondoms. It began as a response to the tag raid of #polandball and was to act as a defense force for the tag, which was attacked for seemingly no reason at all. Over time the group changed, gaining allies who were also suffering from those raids.

One key ally was gained during LordB8r's era of the $WA, when they began raiding the #RWBY tag. when CATT and RWBY allied, they became a powerful foe to the $WA, and with the help of iFunny mods they ended the reign of LordB8r. This was the first step to becoming one of the more powerful groups of iFunny. Eventually, CATT began raiding porn accounts and cancerous tags in order to help cleanse iFunny of the disease.

Shortly after the alliance of #RWBY and CATT, they formed other alliances with IDF (iFunny Defense Force), ATA (Anti Thot Army), and later with the post-reform $WA. The group, with it's newfound allies, now continues to rid iFunny of all things more cancerous than they.

Future of CATT:

The future of CATT will be continue to be dedicated to cleansing ifunny of content that does not belong their, alongside their allies and friends.

Notable Raids:

  • The raid against the former $WA, where it all began.
  • The #stuffed tag, a weird fetish that does not belong on iFunny
  • The #fluffybooroo and #fluffyabuse tags, tags dedicated to animal abuse comics
  • The #pagans tag, a tag dedicated to paganism in which some users began pushing their beliefs on others
  • various porn accounts, from standard porn to hentai and yiff accounts

Notable members of CATT(iFunny usernames):

  • Greenfinlandballl_CATT
  • Discardedtowel_CATT
  • MrPancakes_CATT
  • Mr__President
  • LordSpiderDanny
  • autisticsquidhatkid
  • Mega_Faggot_
  • Dankmemespoland_PBNews
  • Jaune_of_Arkos
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