The 'Cool-Swiper' spam attack occurred on around April of 2015. The attack consisted of a "vine-bot" advertising a modification for the iOS' swiping function, in order for it to look more visually appealing. The vine demonstrated the modification in action, while playing Skrillex's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites in the background. But it was never a real application in itself. It was actually Cydia's popular tweak "Barrel." It was confirmed to be a scam and efforts were made to remove the vine from iFunny.

Server Issues

The scale of the attacks put large amounts of strain on the iFunny servers. Many people from all walks of life complained of the reduced speed in which the app operated on. The attacks continued over the course of a couple of days, starting and ending variably.


The attack, oddly enough spawned a meme in its wake. This meme consisted of playing the coolswiper audio over a foreign vine. A notable mention of this meme would be the spongebob victory screech, or the king of the hill perimeter breach vines.

CoolSwiper Pro

This bot is not to be confused with the iFunny offensive and Gore edit account CoolSwiper Pro.

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