Before you create, remember...

Creating your on user page is a unique feature to this wiki. That being said, it is a privilege to have your name on our wiki. If however, you vandalise other peoples user pages, you will be banned and you will not be able to come back to this wiki for a long time. Previously, vandalism was not enforced, but with a new admin on the team, we will be keeping on top of it.

How to create

To create your on user page, please use the sourcecode from an 'already-made' one. Our user pages need to have a certain template so they look official. If you have trouble with copying and pasting the sourcecode, please ask one of our friendly admins for help. Also make sure to add the "user" category to your page or else no one will be able to find it.

Why your 'user' page was deleted

If your user page is empty and otherwise has no content. It will be deleted without warning. Please make sure when you create your user page, you are filling up the page with useful information. DO not add spam or leave it empty.

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