General Information

Not at all politically affiliated, doag is mostly a user who seeks fame on this minor app. Posting mostly vines of things found funny and rarely offensive along with his favorite edits, he doesn't seem to attract much attention. Although claiming to be offensive to an extent he rarely posts offensive things, although he is quite active with arguments in the comments section.


Joined the January of 2013, and started out as a huge faggot. Gradually matured on this app from a loser fandom dweller – shown by deleted posts – to a genuinely comedic citizen of this app. Around a year after joining, he decided to delete it due to the immense amounts of schoolwork and changed a lot during his time without iFunny. Eight months after deleting, he got bored one afternoon and downloaded the app to find he was still at around 340 subs, and in the past five months, he has been at my highest point with this app so far.

Coming Soon

Soon I will be posting my first ever edit on iFunny at 60fps in HD. Make sure to subscribe to see it!

Social Medias and Stuff

  • Steam
  • Twitter
  • Vine
  • Nintendo ID: Naturesninja77
  • Xbox Live (unused): Nekktonic
  • Playstation Network (unused): Aperturre


  • What type of content is most commonly featured on this profile?
    • Vines, typically comedy or video game edits.
  • Should I try to start an argument with this guy for any reason?
    • No. He will not let it go. Ever.
  • What's this guy's ____ account? He's pretty cool!
    • Look at the section above for that answer.
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