DDLG (daddy dom, little girl) and MDLB (Mommy dom little boy) are communities on iFunny who revolve all their posts around their kinks and fetishes. This group has been around for many years on plenty of different sites such as (a website made by kinksters for kinksters), tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook. This group is different from other groups because their posts are exclucisve to those in the community unlike Otaku's who's posts sometimes can be humorous to those who are not anime fans. The DDLG and MDLB community has it hard on iFunny because a majority of the users dislike them. This group is the new target for most Offensive accounts but instead of bullying them in the comments of their posts, the offensives lure them into kik conversations and then spam them with hurtful words and NSFW pictures.

The Beginning

On iFunny, it's rather new to see these types of posts because this community only infiltrated ifunny the last few months of 2015.


As of right now, a lot of users are trying to get these accounts off iFunny for the following reasons:

  • They are usually 12-15
    • Age doesn't really matter to users on iFunny but since these accounts are talking about very serious, adult, and controversial topics, some users get upset and offended.
  • They post copypasta low-quality photos
    • Although the most notorious groups for posting low quality photos are Offensive and Fandoms, the DDLG/MDLB are now apart of this. The reason for such low quality is that these pictures are generally taken from Instagram, Facebook, or tumblr, and the quality does not upload properly.
  • Almost everything they post is not funny
    • Not always true, some DDLG/MDLB accounts double over as neutrals. However, as aforementioned, their kinky posts cater exclusively to the DDLG/MDLB community only.
  • They act like its superior to be kinky
    • The generalisation is almost always true. In this particular community/group most of the users makes fun of vanilla relationships (Relationships that aren't part of BDSM, DDLG, MDLB or any other kind of kink or fetish). However, this isn't always true and their are a lot of DDLG/MDLB who do not do this.
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