General Information

Darble was created in 2016 under the name "Zomsje." After retiring the BikiniBottomMemez name, he became Darble. 


In early 2015, an account named MarkiplierFan1337 was created. Making several somewhat unfunny posts, he became a fandom account named ShadowFan2001. Just before his birthday, he became a Vault Boy Reaction account. He retired to FalloutAF, then he brought Vault Boy Reactions back. After a while, he became a Star Wars fan account and, afterwards, went by "Snippy1492" After a long time with iFunny deleted, he forgot his password to the legendary (or not) account. He created a new email and got rid of the last one, so the profile forever rested. Zomsje was born.


Darble enjoys science, eating, making memes, playing video games, and playing his acoustic guitar. He browses 4chan profiles

Darble is a member of the ADA.

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