General Information

Dedpuhl joined iFunny in mid to late 2011 under the name "BF8211." He changed his name in May of 2012, and has kept it since.


Dedpuhl took part in many raids with $WA and ABB in early to late 2013, until a server crash ended ABB and the majority of $WA's members were banned. Flying under the radar for a few months, Dedpuhl was caught in a controversy in November of 2014, when he outed a popular DTOM user with over 2,500 subscribers. The account claimed that he was a Marine scout sniper, but Dedpuhl requested his records pulled, and posted a pic showing that they never had anyone with his name ever serve in the military. The user deleted their account, and DTOM almost disbanded due to losing one of their co-founders. Less than a month later, Dedpuhl found himself close to being banned from the app after he doxed an emo sympathizer by the account name of "Pleeber," in December of 2014. Pleeber reported Dedpuhl to the admins of iFunny and tried to take legal action after his phone number, address, school, pics of him, his family, and girlfriend were all released to iFunny. Pleeber subsequently blocked Dedpuhl, and then proceeded to post more comments about how Dedpuhl would be sued for all he was worth.

Trivial Information

As of July 2015, Dedpuhl is still operating a nearly 4 year old account. He posts and republishes a mix of cringe and offensive posts. On July 9th, 2015, Dedpuhl commented on a RIP post for vine user Big Rob, stating that Rob is the janitor at his high school. Dedpuhl promised to post a pic of him once he gets the 2015 school yearbook.

  • Little is known about Dedpuhl IRL, as he doesn't post much about his personal life to keep the app designed for comedy and not for social reasons
  • Has stated in several comments that he plays the bass guitar
  • Knows fellow iFunny user Ya_Boi_Doge_3hunna IRL
  • Is subscribed to several airsoft profiles, implying that Dedpuhl airsofts himself
  • It is estimated that Dedpuhl is in his junior or senior year of high school, due to the Big Rob janitor comment
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