General Information

EU Dominatus-  A fervent debater on an app that doesn't matter.  Interests range from theology, art, science, to women who don't love him. His Shakespearean lingo causes many to become green with envy at a skill they wish they had.  Nicknamed "Little Squirmy" in high school, he has had to use brain over brawn in order to win his battles. Inheriting the famous Italian attitude, his anger gets him into trouble quite frequently with his superiors and the meek theist. Introspective to a fault, he is a friendly person who has great ideas and wants to help people. Favorite animals include spiders, rats, Jessy (the roach that lives in the corner of his dorm), chinchillas, and lampreys. Very intelligent person; very possibly could become president one day. Still remembers the time he got drunk and pissed in the corner of his bedroom, unable to make it to the bathroom. Overall, a very nice guy who is a great contributor to the intelligent minds of iFunny and is sure to do great things later on in life. 


Trivial Information

He is senpai.

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