Widely considered an unwanted group of profiles, these accounts post pictures of their "depression" and some post pictures of their favorite bands, falling in the spam category. Leaving a offensive comment will likely end up with a immediate block though some ban raids may prove useful. Interestingly enough, many users who own emo accounts are bi. Approximately 85-90%. It is unclear whether they are actually bi or are just in a phase/bandwagon.


All emo accounts share the same quality. They spam pictures of their "depression." Actual depression or not, it is believed to be used for gaining attention and seeing if people care. This may occasionally include pictures of their wrists with self harm cuts on them, pictures of them saying how they want to end their life, pictures of someone they used to love ("I cared about you, and you just threw me away."), being left by friends or peers, how awful their life is, ect. The spam often leads to much hate from offensives, but is usually quickly deleted.


Although not many emo accounts post their favorite bands, the ones that do also fall into the fandom category. They spam pictures of their favorite band members, a favorite is Andy Biersack from BVB. And other band members. Since these pictures have no comedic value and are posted rapidly, they are considered spam.

Suicide Dates

Although not common, some emo accounts set a suicide date in their profile description. Ex. SD: 6/14/15 There are no recorded cases of a emo account actually successfully committing suicide. On their suicide date they may post a picture saying they decided to get through it and keep living, although they continue to post pictures on how they want to die. Or they may say that they actually tried but failed, although this is widely disbelieved by many. In short, emo accounts use suicide dates to gain more attention by people feeling sorry for them.


DogeVsEmos was a VsEmo account that led ban raids on emos. A very successful banraider, him and his subscribers banned many emo accounts and was a huge threat to the emos of iFunny. He was banned in Late 2014/ Early 2015 and his whereabouts along with the rest of the VsEmos are unknown. Although it is rumored that he is a small Dark Humor account.

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