Fandoms are groups of people who are involved with a subculture, typically being a television show, movie franchise, or game. Fandoms are some of the most hated - and loved - groups of iFunny. As of December 2015, ifunny is over run with fandoms which has lead to offensives joining together to perform massive ban-raids.


Fandoms' goals are to gain large amounts of subscribers who are genuinely interested in their account. Fandoms are particularly nice to their subscribers by usually posting "goodnight" and "good morning" pictures, as well as having nicknames for their subscribers such as "my little monsters" or "my lovelies". Some fandoms have many people in them which means a lot of people on iFunny like said fandoms however fandoms are also hated on iFunny because some fandoms post pictures that aren't funny or sexual pictures (Usually Bronies or furries).


Some fandoms, such as Furries, are not part of any T.V. show, movie franchise, or game. They are solely based on their extreme adoration for anthropomorphic animals. Other fandoms or groups such as the DDLG/MDLB fandom/group are people who call themselves 'littles' or 'daddies' and their fandom/group revolves around their kinks and fetishes. This fandom/group is quite recent in the ifunny community. Surprisingly, even fandomers hate the people in the DDLG fandom/group because their annoying and they're posts are not relatable at all.

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