FoxxosMagnumReloaded is a fairly small furry account that has been up for around a month. He is 15 but many pieces of evidence can prove that false. He has been a laughing stock of the furry community and the butt of many jokes in and out of the furry community. He also likes to correct people's grammar while also messing up his own grammar in a un-ironic way.

He is currently in a state of what seems to be depression due to the rise of anti-furries in the past months.



FoxxosMagnumReloaded has little to no significance, but can sometimes make a light impact due to his involvement in "Ex Logice Beatus", an anti-anti-furry group. He commonly attacks user CPTR3X_N_CHIEF. Sometimes furry users attack him, including Miller_Lite.

Banned period

FoxxosMagnumReloaded was banned for calling out iFunny trying to get rid of furries, and has basically decided that David Chef deletes anything that makes him look bad. During his time banned he used an alt called MagnumTheSecond and was basically unphased.

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