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General Information

Giant_kevin is an ifunny account notorious for his extreme love of minions and his comics about destroying atheists and normies. He has been around since mid-2015, but became famous later for his Zootopia and Lordb8r comics.

Notable Events


Before kevin made his current account, he used another profile called minion_ass. It was shortly banned after minion porn was posted, so he created giant_kevin, and hasn't been banned since.


Around the time kevin started making comics, a user known as Funnydude6917 started spamming him on how disgusting he is for wanting to have sex with minions. In response, kevin made 2 different comics about him, one where the minions hunt down funnydude and kill him, and another where they invite him to ifunnycon, and eventually blow him up. After receiving mass amounts of hate, Funnydude couldn't take it anymore and left the app.


Another popular minion account at the time was HilariousMinions. Giant_Kevin despised this account for allegedly stealing his comic ideas. HilariousMinions denied this, and said that kevin was the one stealing his ideas. This started a huge beef between the two, but Hilariousminions came out on top for he had a larger amount of subs, and they spammed kevin numerous times. Hilariousminions was later banned, and the spamming stopped. About 9 months later, HilariousMinions returned under the name Hilarious_Minions. He tried to start a friendship between him and kevin, but kevin still had a hatred for him. He made a few comics and posts about Hilarious_minions leading to another beef between them. After a while, the two just left each other alone, officially ending the drama.

The Minion Brony War

One day a brony named NightShineZX_ started leaving comments telling kevin to kill himself for his minion fetish, so of course kevin made a comic defending himself. The brony informed his friends on what was going on, and they planned a spam attack on giant_kevin. Kevin also asked some of his friends such as Clay, _Flaky_, Krusty_Krasher, bikinibottombadboys, etc., to help him against the bronies. Kevin's goal was for the normies to block him, so he made comics and spammed them. The bronies also spammed Kevin, and it was nonstop for about 3 days. In the end, most of the bronies blocked kevin, causing him to win the war.


  • It is rumored that there is more than one person owning giant_kevin.
  • Kevin has 60+ minion comics on his profile.
  • SandpaperCondoms is said to be one of the owners.
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