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GoogleFaux is a furry IFunny user that post mainly only memes and have a somewhat negative view on most furries despite being one himself. He currently has over 900 subs and been featured ten times for more then 600 days Ifunny.


GoogleFaux first started with the name ThisThingFromGoogle and have a black and white drawing of a fox interacting with the computer. He later change it with the current name GoogleFaux and change his pfp several times over the years.

While he is a furry account he never post any furry art but does occasionally post furry memes, most of his content consist of either offensive, edgy or neutral memes.

Furry Fandom

Although he wasn't when he first joined Ifunny he denied being part of the fandom for sometime until he hinted that he is a furry but never officially announce it to his subs.

GoogleFaux has been known for having some negative opinions on the furry community on Ifunny and it's explained from one of his post he made about them when he complained about yiff and drama of Pepsi fox and Dew Foxo. He ended with the note that he doesn't "hate furries" but had a bad experience with the fandom on Ifunny.


While he was still known as ThisThingFromGoogle, he made several post about the anti-furry accounts pocking fun of them. After a while he hasn't post any of them ever since.

There are some ant-furry accounts that actually took the liking of him mostly because of the fact that he hasn't post any furry art and only post memes for the general public so it could be the reason why he rarely ever gotten any hate comments from them



GoogleFaux without glasses


A Piemation art work that was used for GoogleFaux's account

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