General Informaiton

After creating an alternate account to replace the banned one, Che Tuxara continued until late 2014, becoming LU_HawaiiBall, where he started posting more original political posts. In March of 2015, He posted 16 essays on Hawaiian History, Communsim, and notably Operation Gladio, which earned him wide reach of fame including a highly-coveted sub from Photos_of_History. These essays also quadrupled his sub count, from 40 to 160. The new, current account HawaiibalI is named because of the creation of a user HawaiiballOG on July 9, 2015.


HawaiibalI started on iFunny under the username Springwood, in early 2012. Springwood posted mostly Newfag basic humor. During the outbreak of the Crimea crisis in 2014, he changed to Che_Tuxara(Che Guevara, cuban revolutionary, and Tux, the Linux mascot), and started covering political issues, but mainly became a repub user. During this time as Che_Tuxara, he became a semi-offensive, and started branching out to the anti-Zionist and communist factions of iFunny. After spamming Arabic texts in the comments of a feature about ISIS, (Worst Pickup Line Ever), he was banned.

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