The iFunny Police is a group of iFunny Staff within the app that handles bans and the rules of the app. The only information about this group is found under the FAQ of the app. The page says that bans are permanent and that it is "Highly unlikely that you will be unbanned". The FAQ page also claims that they discourage users from creating more than one account, with the exception being "users who don't break or abuse rules".


The iFunny Police enforce the rules of the app, found on the iFunny Guidelines and FAQ pages. The rules and guidelines of the app are as follows:


  • No Spam
  • No comments which are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive, or otherwise objectionable
  • Absolutely no phone numbers, email addresses, URLs
  • Break the rules and you will be banned
  • If you see someone breaking the rules, report!


  • No Pornography/Hentai
  • No Hitler/Nazi/Swastika
  • No Blunt Racism/Racial Slurs/Derogatory Language
  • No Graphic Material
  • No Invasion of Privacy
  • No Threats
  • No Ads

These rules apply to both comments and posts. The iFunny Police enforce these rules by deleting reported posts and banning reported users.


There has been much controversy surrounding the effectiveness of the iFunny Police, and of the bans. Many claim that users who are verified can ban anyone, while others believe that bans are all biased towards the popular users. There has also been controversy surrounding "ban raids", in which a popular user leads his subscribers to report a profile simultaneously, hoping to get the user banned. The service has been called ineffective for its lack of actually banning content. Many claim that pornographic and explicit content is still on the app, but on profiles that dont get reported often therefore don't get reviewed. There have also been accusations that the iFunny Police isn't a real thing and that it's all automated. For example, if a post were to receive a certain number of reports, it would be auto-deleted.

The rules appear to vary in how strictly they are enforced. Some of the more cringeworthy offensive accounts can post all day about how they hate "n****rs" and how Hitler "needs to come back", while accidentally posting a picture of a nipple can often get you banned immediately. Exercise caution in posting, and know what you're able to get away with.

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