The Shutdown

In the summer of 2013, iFunny decided to close its doors and was taken off of the app store because Ifunny Chef could not contain all the porn on the app. Despite the app being rated 17+ it is a well known fact that most users age range from 9-15. Chef knew that young children had access to porn on his app which technically made iFunny illegal for minors to download.

Aside from the pornography being spammed on iFunny, kik was also being used on the app to lure minors into sending nude pictures of themselves. Despite most users having common sense, this was actually a really big problem. Until Chef could get his app under control, it was taken off the app store for approximately three months.

For about a month, when publishing content, there would be a delay before a user's content would be published. Every post was monitered in attempt to delete and rid spam from Collective. This occured slightly after Le_Zeke posted his "Save iFunny" video, that was featured.

While the app was removed from iTunes, an alternate application with a price replaced the app, however the app remained available on Google Play.

Save iFunny Movement

After Le_Zeke's video "Save iFunny" was featured, the movement exploded. His video received the amount of likes a non-video feature would get, i.e., a picture feature. Clans in iFunny organized the movement and a picture would be used for profiles that represented this movement. Some notable clans, although currently inactive, are: UPG (Unique Picture Group), YQ4, MVP (Most Valuable Profiles), and others.

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