An example of an iFunny bot.

Not to be confused with Spammers.

The iFunny Spambots are computer-programmed accounts sent to post spam and write spam comments. They can mostly be seen in memes that have been featured. Unlike DDLG/MDLB accounts, the bots thankfully get banned in less than a minute. The bot accounts come out in three different forms, which are listed below.

Types of Spambots

Pokemon GO scams Possibly the first and most notorious bots of iFunny, the Pokemon GO bots spammed in every single meme made, starting at July 2016 some time after the hit mobile game was released. Some time later, the bots seemingly disappeared from the app, and never made an appearance again.

Free Brazzers pornbots

The "Free Brazzers Membership" pornbots were the second spambots to infiltrate the app, besides the Pokemon GO scams. They spammed things such as "GET FREE BRAZZERS MEMBERSHIP BY JUST CLICKING AT MY PROFILE" and other stuff like that. In mid 2017, Chef got fed up with the bots so he exterminated all of them by himself.

Nudes pornbots

After the Pokemon GO and Brazzers bots were gone, new types of bots appeared from the surface, which are the pornbots asking for nudes and leaving their kik on their bio. They are almost everywhere on the "Featured" section, and Chef seems to be working hard on fixing this issue.

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