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iFunny is a popular app by the Russian company Okrujnost'. On this app, users can attempt to be as funny as possible to try and become featured. The app traffics an estimated two million people every day. The app itself is run by David Chef, better known as, 'Chef'.

How to create your own 'user' page
Copy and Paste the source code from an already-made 'user' page, and edit the information to accommodate to your needs.

It is important that your page has information and correct coding. If your page does not meet the requirements of the iFunny wiki, it will be edited by an admin without warning or deleted. If you know you did the coding wrong, feel free to message an admin. We have no problem helping out :)

Logos throughout the years

These are the logos of iFunny though out the years. As you can see, Chef has put hard work and dedication into making his app the superior comedy app on the market.

Featured article

A brogre, is a play on word of "Ogre" and "Bro". To be a brogre, one must be a rabid fan of Shrek and know everything about him.

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Latest App Update
Current version: 4.4 allows users to:
  • Downvote 'liked' comments and pictures
  • Add vines
  • Delete comments
  • Browse old featured images and videos

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