General Information

  • Guy who's been here since late 2013, but didn't really exist until around January of this year.
  • Has gone as Kumat0ra, Markiplier_Game, randomman47, iSpookat0ra, Armikrog, iEdgySwedishGuy, iExtremost, Steamtrain_Ross, Kumat0ra_Scout, and Kumat0ra_
  • Currently at about 800 subs
  • He's also blocked by FreeToGay (Formerly known as StickySheep)
  • A sometimes kind and sweet guy, and a great friend.
  • Used to be a part of Vulpes old Unity group that was made early this year, and has since made his own group chat that's still alive after months.

History of their iFunny "Life"

Just got new phone in late 2013, friend introduced him to ifunny. He was fairly new at the time and still thought memes were still funny. He met this guy ChocolateLab in collective one day, and subscribed, then started leaving "Funny" comments on ChocolateLab and his friends' posts, and ending up befriending ChocolateLab and his friends TheEntertainer_, H0ppyonP0ppy, Tezca_Tlipoca, JudgeFrollo, and DoomShroom. Jump forward to late 2014, around December, Kuma (Markiplier_Game at the time), was invited into a chat with ChocolateLab and a few of his friends named "The Five Faggoteers". The chat lived for a while, up until about early January, and then just died out. Many fun times were had there, like when Tezca was dared to drink koolaid mixed with milk and salt (He fucking did it too there's a video of it on youtube lmoa). Sadly, most of the fun ended in January this year. TheEntertainer_, one of everyone's closest friends really, left ifunny and kik to focus on his school work. About that time, Kuma (Who had just changed names a few weeks before) had made a new friend, Overlawd, where they met by them making a thing for TheEntertainer_ before his departure. They became close friends, and they still are today. Through what seemed to be random chance, Kuma found a guy on a random tf2 server who happened to know Overlawd, and they were friends with them too, they then introduced Kuma to a guy on ifunny named FreeToPlay. They soon became great friends, and even were a "Thing" at one point, and then Kuma screwed up a bit and now F2P hates him, and stole his name Kumat0ra too. The entirety of months after that leading up to this point have been just a blur, Kuma's made his own group chat, and it's lasted from May to Now, and he's still got a lot offriends.

RIP Kumat0ra 2015-2015, you will be missed.

Trivial Information

Fun fact: ThreadBread wants to suck his dick

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