General Information

Medic__ is a SFMer, that for some odd reason, does SFMs for free. His SFMs do not require subbing and repubbing. Medic__ seems to like StarFox based on his posts. He also seems to enjoy Super Smash Brothers, both 4 and Melee. He mains purple Fox as seen in some of his videos. Now he uses his alternate account, StairFux, because of the pressure of growing subscribers and constant requests for SFMs.


Medic__ was once an account used for SFM. Now he's completely inactive only coming back on his account occasionally to check up on some old friends. His first post was for someone to simply comment their loadout for an SFM of sort. He grew rapidly gaining 100 subs very fast and many requests.

Trivial Information

-Medic__'s old account was actually Medic_ and he forgot the password

-He has a streak of 7 tournament wins in Super Smash Brothers Melee

-He rarely plays Team Fortress 2 despite being an SFM account

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