A group of weirdos who fantasize about having sex with half human/half monster girls. They typically have no life and wallow in self-pity by posting anime-related memes and what is known as the "monster tiddy", which are just pictures of scantily clad monster girls.

They also believe that 2D (anime) women are superior to real-life women, and they like to use the phrase "2D > 3D".

Notable Members

  • AnimeCracks
    • aka Dustin, he posts original anime cracks from various anime series, mixing anime with memes. Favorite girl: Suu
  • CereaShianus
    • aka Josh, he is a proud Kekistani, and likes all things dank and anime, and likes to push the buttons of the other elitests. Favorite girl: Cerea
  • DankMero
    • aka Nathan, he is the one Elitest who actually creates original memes. He takes pride in the "fish tiddy" and advocates its legalization. Favorite girl: Mero
  • DankMiia
    • aka DJ, he is an engineering student who has a 7 meter body pillow in his dorm room, and posts monster girl and Jojo memes. Favorite girl: Miia
  • Sukeiru
    • aka Adam (originally LifeWithMonsterGirls), he likes to post monster girl ecchi and monster girl memes stolen from the internet. His first account was banned due to banraids. Favorite girl: Miia
  • Lamias
    • aka Harrison, he is a tutu wearing weirdo, he proclaims that a snake tail can penetrate him 3 feet without lubrication. He is also obsessed with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Favorite girl: Miia
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