Offensives are accounts on IFunny who post offensive, and political content regarding today's media. They enjoy joking other users especially those who identify as 'furries','Otaku', 'bronies', 'Littles ', 'daddies ' and any other sorts of 'fandoms'.


Their goal is to ban raid all non offensives such as new fags and emo accounts (not including Neutrals). In earlier years, the offensives were stronger due to lack of rules and regulations on ifunny but in recent years, Ifunny Chef has been cracking down on ifunny users and began to ban many accounts.


In 2013, an offensive group known as $wå ban raided almost every Brony profile but the leader of the movement known as Le_Niqqa admitted to his followers that he was indeed a brony thus leading to the end of the movement and the disappearance of Le_Niqqa.

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