General Information

ols47 is a well-known user among the community for being a frequent commenter on other users posts and uses the icon from The Impossible Game as his profile picture. He hardly posts himself, only doing so when absolutely needed, such as pointing out a fake account or notifying subscribers of a ban. His comments usually garner a respectable amount of likes, due to users either genuinely enjoying his comment or because he made an appearance on the post. Comments made by him are almost always not meant to be taken seriously and are purely satirical.

It has been observed by many that ols47 does not make comments on posts that mention or talk about him. The reason behind this phenomenon is unknown.

Appearance of Parody Accounts

After enough users began to notice his presence in a large amount of comment sections, parody accounts began to appear. One of the earliest examples of this is 74slo, or ols47 spelled backwards. This account only made a comment when ols47 did and reversed it. Other examples include accounts named ols with a different number after it.


Due to the overwhelming quantity of comments ols47 makes, different opinions about him formed. Some users think his comments are annoying, and show it by disliking his comments or blocking him. Others embrace his comments and show it by replying to his comments with "ols" or "Government mandated ols47 comment."

Comment Ban

As seen by this post, ols47 was comment banned for 24 hours on March 15, 2019. The reason behind this ban was caused from an ironic comment he made that said "Hey uncle, do you browse (censored)?" where (censored) was a link to a controversial webpage that included sexual activities of minors. This was not the first appearance of the link in question, as it was a recurring joke among the community, usually in response to someone asking for a source in any context.

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