General Information

PoliticsAndMore is a political account on iFunny


  • In July 2014, PoliticsAndMore created his first iFunny account; Polandball_post. He started out by posting two Polandball comics everyday.
  • In August 2014, he had 50 subscribers, some of whom were involved in the PolandBall community. After a few comments, he refocused his account. He started posting general posts, and one comic per day. He also renamed his account "ConchRepublicBall".
  • He officially joined the PolandBall community shortly after the banocaust. He reached 100 subs by the end of August. He climbed along at a steady pace of 100 subs per month for a while. Over this time, he met many other great Polandballs such as AustenasiaBall, HaitiBall, Holy_Roman_Empire_Ball.
  • In March 2015, to go along with March Madness, he created the iMarch Madness tournament. It was a 64 man tournament. It even had daily update posts that had a backdrop, and a pasted image of his then-current profile picture.
  • In May 2015, he grew tired of the drama in the PolandBall community. His interest in the political community (and the start of the 2016 presidential race) caused him to change the theme of his profile. He renamed his account "PoliticsAndMore". He began Randgasming (strong support of Rand Paul).
  • After some of his followers asked him to come back, he decided he was a better PolandBall profile.
  • After Holy_Roman_Empire_Ball, HaitiBall, and other big PolandBalls left the community (and some leaving iFunny all together), he felt little motivation to stay himself. Without the influence of the big PolandBalls, many of the newfag PolandBalls started gif wars and attempted to create governments. This led to him feeling annoyed with the community. He left to become a political account, but really just became a generic account.
  • He found out about TheSierraLeoneBall's All-iFunny League through AustenasiaBall. He enjoyed being part of the league, and wanted to join Austenasia's Poland League. To join the league, he had to be a PolandBall profile. He rejoined the community.
  • In February 2016, he left the PolandBall community after many of his closest friends in the PolandBall community left. He became PoliticsAndMore.

Trivial Information

Politics is a Libertarian-Capitalist

As of February 2016, Politics is 8.5 , -2.21 on the Political Compass

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