General Information

Red velvet cake is the second cake dog to exist. Her account consists of posts varying from offensive to funny edits of Vanilla Cake. Red is part of the VC and is vanillas Official unofficial Waifu after he dumped Frankie foster,But word on the street says the two still meet up and do the nasty in secret. Red and Vanilla's Relation ship is a close one as the are great friends. Red usually spends her time posting on ifunny and maintaining her relation ship with vanilla and her various friends. She is mostly active with her subs and responds to comments frequently.


Trivial Information

An on going gag between the two is "Fisting" or "Hand up ass" which stemmed from an edit Vanilla put together in very short notice. Red velvet is also a furry and the only female of the cake dog race.In various edits she is depicted as a some times busty and slutty female woman with the head of a slice of Red velvet cake and the muzzle of a fox Completely red. Being a female she is quite popular around other men as they have drawn verious pictures of the cake dog. The most noteworthy being one inheritor Lucario sketched depicting Red giving a foot job to and unknown person (But is speculated to Be Vanilla)

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