The scourge of all manlets

Shitposter (Known as Vinny outside of iFunny, more colloquially known as "manlet") was born on Long Island, New York. During his childhood, he was often bullied by other students at school for his extreme dwarfism, something he still struggles with today. His parents tried to combat their child's height problem by making him drink large amounts of milk with the hopes of making their son taller, but this only led to their son becoming very fat, not tall. Now faced with the problems of being very short and quite sizable, Vinny would eventually turn to the internet to cope with his rejection from society.

Relationships Grow


Vinny, pictured

After a minor incident involing a fractured tailbone and a stepladder, Vinny was ready to face the online world, with the confidence that nobody would ever figure out his height. He very soon found iFunny, and immediately subscribed to After spending a very long time on Daddy Kabuk's profile, he realized that he needed friends, since everyone at his school was above 5'7 and could not see Vinny unless they decided to astrally project themselves to the inferior Manlet Dimension. However, Vinny found no friends because he was fat and gay. Except for a user named Bukcets, now known as Chloe. Chloe made friends very easily, because she is a super hot asian ebony princess. Not only that, but she is also under 5 feet tall, just like Vinny. Right away the two engaged in conversation, always started and continued by Vinny.  

Stunted Growth 


The original artist of this piece is apparently infatuated with the villainous spider from Monsters Inc., Mr. Waternoose

Vinny was very happily on his way to finally e-dating the super hot Chloe, but everything changed when the infamous Solidus appeared. Ever since Chloe added Vinny into her chat after buying him Star Wars games, the users Solidus and Ocenot were relentless in their scemes agaisnt Vinny. Solidus is well known for spending hours at a time making edits of people he doesn't like, and this was no exception with Vinny. He drew a very crude picture of Vinny as a very short and fat doll, but this is rumored to have been drawn by another user who enjoys smashing bags of piss of the ground. Anyway, Ocenot heard from Chloe's evil friend PurpleAdjective that Vinny was really desperate and was also a manlet. This led to him sending pictures of rulers and stepladders in the chat, as well as bragging about his above 5'7 height. What an asshole. Vinny then left the chat, and further expressed his rage by adding a ! to his name, showing how angry he was. 

Defamation Against Vinny "Shortposter" Shitposter

Tranny boy

A comparison of heights

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