Free my nigga Sab

Samuel Woodward (also known as Sabotuer, Samuel Nigward, Sab) is an iFunny user.

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On January 2nd, it was supposed to be just another day for Mr. Woodward, holding hands with his good friend Blaze Bernstein. Unfortunately, the ground was slippery because it had rained earlier, and Blaze slipped and fell on a knife 20 times. Samuel, in shock and horror, tried to save his good friend, but to no avail, as it repeated 20 more times. Horrified, Samuel buried the body in a shallow grave, as that was Blaze's last wish.

He dyed his hair for some reason because apparently a tumor was growing in his brain or some shit.

However, this was only the start of his troubles. 8 days later, some retard cops found that gay semite's body, and wanting one hell of a paycheck, declared it all a murder. A massive smear campaign across the godless state of California was made against Mr. Woodward, claiming that he had murdered by stabbing him 40 times after Blaze tried to kiss him, because he "wasn't a raging homosexual, and Blaze never said no homo." Not only does this paint Samuel as a murderer, but also is slander against his murder skills. I mean, anyone can kill a man with only a few thrusts, not 40.

Anyway, ol Woodward was sent to prison for this all.

iFunny's reaction

We found it kinda funny I guess

Even a year after the incident, iFunny users still find ways to make posts about Sab. Some say that they're just milking it for likes and repubs, while others enjoy the content and say that it's timeless. Both agree that the incident was neat as hell, and defines iFunny and it's community.

Meanwhile Discord gets all the credit because he joined an AtomWaffen Discord channel and talked a shit ton there, yet nearly everyone on iPolitics who believes in extremist views got their views from that. It's for the better though, so that no one finds us out and sends us a surge of Redditors.


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