Spammers are a large part of iFunny. They generally post pictures that are usually not funny such as ponies, cars, tumblr posts, emo bands, etc.). Spammers almost take over collective by posting these pictures and usually start arguments wars with offensives who post sarcastic comments on their pictures. Spammers come in many different forms and groups. Some spammers are not as bad as others.

Fandom spammers

Fandomers are a branch of spammers who tend to only post pictures of whatever fandom their account is themed of. Their spam is not as bad as others due to the reason that some of it is funny if you're part of that fandom. However, for the users that aren't in that particular fandom, may just find their posts annoying.

Car spammers

Car spammers are users who only post pictures of cars. These users are looked down by almost everyone because they almost never post anything but pictures of cars.

Religious spammers

These spammers are known for posting pictures about religion whether it be Christianity, islam, or atheism. Some religious spammers have many subscribers because they post memes or relatable-posts about that specific religion. For those who aren't that religion, find it annoying and unnecessary.

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