SpongeTarded is one of the most well-known (and also hated by some) Offensive account on iFunny. He posts memes about autistic and mentally retarded children with screencaps from SpongeBob SquarePants episodes, notably "Face Freeze". He also has a Twitter.


SpongeTarded created his account on October 2016, and made his first ever meme titled "When the special kid escapes the tard wranglers". The meme gained over 5.5 K likes and 94 comments as of mid 2017.

The meme series became extremely popular on both iFunny and Twitter, and other people started making similar memes during these days.

However, despite SpongeTarded's memes becoming popular, it met some negative criticism from people because it insulted people who were born different. According to the creator, he states that those memes aren't directly meant to offend anyone, and those who find them offensive need to ignore them and move on.

In May 2017, the meme series returned from a long hiatus, and then got into a hiatus again. Reasons are unknown, but it is hinted that those memes became forced and overused to the part where it will die down.

At the same month, a user named King Über created similar meme series called "Popee the 'Tard" (and other sub-series), based on the Japanese 2001 CGI cartoon, Popee the Performer. It is a spiritual successor of SpongeTarded's retarded kid meme series. Popee the 'Tard also has an official Facebook page which got more than 5+ likes by fans.

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