General Information

StairFux is a semi-popular user in the iFunny community. He enjoys competitive Super Smash Brothers Melee and Super Smash Brothers for Wii U. His other hobbies include being an active member of iFunny and also talking to his friends on kik. StairFux joined the iFunny community on October 23, 2015 with his first post being that of a decent Source Filmmaker poster of the anthropomorphic Fox known as Fox McCloud. Due to the use of this character, and his conversations being with several furry community members, it is widely believed for him to be a furry as well. He denies this fact, however.


StairFux joined the iFunny community on October 23, of 2015. He was one of the decent SFM (Source FilmMaker) accounts of iFunny. His first SFM post of of a anthropomorphic Fox named Fox McCloud. He gained many subscribers and friends by posting decent and funny content. His profile grew rapidly and he became quite popular. Eventually, caught up in all the fame, Stairfux admitted to being a. Many of his friends in real life, left him after finding out the truth but some of his friends online stayed faithful to Stairfux. After, this traumatic event, Stairfux's posts began going from SFM posts to unusual purple text accompanied by a black background. Although, his online friends rarely speak of Stairfux's mental well-being, it is assumed that while he is still sad and upset at his 'friends' for leaving him, Stairfux still has a sense of humour in him. His first account was named Medic__ and was used for making SFMs

Trivial Information

Despite Stairfux's short period of sadness and frustration because his friends left him for being a furry, he is on the mend to becoming the fun and loved iFunny user he once was.

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