General Information

TOR_Darth_Mortem or simply Darth Mortem is a fairly well known Star Wars account. He is active primarily on iFunny and is very active in the chats that take place there. As of April 21, 2016 Darth Mortem has 191 subscribers, and is still growing.


Mortem was originally a themed account called "Thinkthroughproblems". Under this username he amassed 20 subscribers. While using this theme he created posts revolving around the learning website Think through Math. These posts would consist of pictures of the site, and things he would use the inspect element tool on to make them look funny. He then changed his account name to "Those_Moments". Under this username, he posted memes that consisted of the words "That moment when". He again changed his account name to "You'redoingitmexicanly," where he posted a picture of a Luchador chihuahua for 50 days straight in an effort to get featured. His efforts were unsuccessful. He is now a fan account based around Star wars and has been comparatively quite successful in this theme.

Trivial Information

Admirer of OldBenKenobi, a veteran Star wars account.

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