An organized event with the intention to disrupt a tag on iFunny by:

  • Spamming it so much to the point where it becomes useless and it also annoys users that want to see posts in it.
  • Spam reporting as many posts as possible to the point where iFunny shuts down that tag, working the same way a banraid does.
  • Using it as an outlet for rule-breaking content, forcing moderators to closely monitor the tag.

Well-Known Tag Raids

  • DDLG: Spamming, mass-reporting of its posts, and the stereotype of DDLG being pedophilia led to the DDLG tag being banned. DDLG profiles have moved to a new tag called “#DDLGLifestyle” ever since.
  • jailb8: This tag is an outlet for rule-breaking content that is also illegal. For that reason, this tag is closely monitored by moderators to find that content.
  • RWBY: A raid called by user SS_Officer_Patrick on the RWBY tag. A massive raid on the tag occurred, but it only lasted a short while because several moderators were alerted of the leader’s plan ahead of the raid, so they stopped it quickly. Now, there have been multiple reports of users being banned for posting unrelated content in the RWBY tag.
  • Communism, weed, marvel, overwatch, tumblr: A massive tag raid, involving spamming a distorted image of a cat looking at an egg, organized by user JimblesTheDestroyer which targeted tags that were deemed "degenerate" and "annoying" by the user and his/her followers. An estimated 200-250 images where posted to the aforementioned tags and user NewTexasRepublic was briefly banned due to spam.
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