General Information

TheRoosel is a current iFunny user located in Ohio. He is known for his co-creation of the iFunny meme "Top Donkey"


TheRoosel's first account, "Roosel" was created in 2013, one of the first years iFunny was around. The name "Roosel" was inspired from "Roos" a shortened word from his nickname, "Rooster" TheRoosel changed his name to "YaboiJimmyRoosel, after the creation of $WA, to fit the title. Being mentioned by popular $WA accounts increased his own popularity, and he reached a high of 1250 subscribers. YaboiJimmyRoosel was banned in 2014 personally by Untouchable during the Untouchable Banning Spree. He then created his latest account "TheRoosel" which accumulated 600 subscribers ina few weeks. His current posts are semi-offensive, and are considered to be of "satirical" and "ironic" humor.

Top Donkey

One of TheRoosel's greatest and most known achievements was his co-creation of "Top Donkey" with users Master Gold, iZarek, TFW_no_gf and PeePeeHelicopters. The meme included a picture of either Shrek, or an animal called the tapir (replacing donkey from the movie Shrek) and the caption, "Top Donkey" The meme was well accepted on iFunny, and a post on KnowYourMeme was created, which included Top Donkey.

The members of the iFunny-Kik group chat, #memefactory, decided to post versions of the meme on 4chan and iFunny, jokingly claiming that their new expression, "Top Donkey" would replace "Top Kek" The meme was noticed by Reddit, who were not aware the meme was posted satirically, and created a /r/CringeAnarchy thread about it. The popularity of the meme has since declined.

Trivial Information

TheRoosel's face reveal is well known. It is currently his Kik "TheRoosel"s profile picture. For this he is known for being considered to be one of the "few attractive users" on ifunny, examples of which are Tune, and Ponzil.

TheRoosel also resides on his kik group with the former, along with many other well-known popular users. His group chat, once known popularly as both #kektext, and #memefactory, is now called #Iwantpooop

Not much is known about TheRoosel's personal life, except that his name is Alex, and he lives in Ohio.

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