General Information

TheScrewedUpRacist is a currently active offensive/normal iFunny user who's subscriber count is currently in the 80+ range and growing. His iFunny career started back in late 2013 (although having a dead profile from 2012 under a different name) and has continued on. Though not well known now, he was at one point decently popular among the offensive community and the 4R (a now dead group).


Although he has gone through many variations of his username and changed his profile picture every so often, he is commonly referred to as "The Screwed Up Racist" and is pictured as a Klansman wearing a golden crown and sunglasses.

Trivial Information

Seemingly unable to gather his subscribers back, he still sticks with some of his old iFunny friends/allies, and posts here and there. However, he does not post as much as he used to and the quality of his posts are visibly decreasing. It has been said that his comments are funnier than what he posts.

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