TheAlphaLegionary is an ifunny user who mainly posts Warhammer 40k themed posts and cringe. He (at least according to him) is quite well known in the 40k community.


The_Alpha_Legionary first joined ifunny as the Skrubmarine in late 2015. Eventually after some time of occasionally posting, Skrubmarine changed his name to the Offensive_Marine and became an Offensive, targeting furries and bronies as well as posting cringe. Sometime later Offensive became The_Angry_Marine and began spam posting Angry Marine related things along with cringe. He also began targeting ddlg accounts.

After a period of time as the Tyranid_Memestealer, Alpha returned to being The_Angry_Marine and continued the angry marine posts, but he dropped the offensive posts because he found the Anti community to be too edgy. He still dislikes ddlg though.

Around the start of 2017, Angry became The_Alpha_Legionary and spams all sorts of 40k art and models (with some cringe on the side). Recently, Alpha has been keeping a constant spam posting which has caused him to shoot up in subscribers, currently at 1,792 subs.

On 5th November 2018, Alpha got his first feature. This caused much celebration because it is believed to be the second 40k post to ever be featured.


  • Alpha's account background picture is believed to be him.
  • Due to some posts and indirect confirmation from him himself, Alpha is believed to be from New Zealand
  • Alpha has a dislike for antis, furries, ddlg and bronies. According to him, it's because he finds the antis, furries and bronies cringey while he finds ddlg downright creepy.
  • He is Alpharius
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