The Hood, also known as "Black iFunny", is where the majority of all the African American, Latinos, and wiggers reside. It almost serves as a refuge, as most of iFunny is riddled with feral Alt-Rightist, and 12 year olds who had their asses pounded by Black people. The majority of the content you'll find regards Black Twitter humor, rap and Hip Hop, Pan-Africanism or "wokeness", hair gurus, aesthetics, and weed. Lots of weed. BlackTwitter, GoodMusicOnly, Mfpoon, Yeezus, Earlier, Not_Jaden, EightGod_(this nigga straight gay), Israelite (yes, you read that correctly), and AllBlackEverything are arguably the most well known Hood accounts. There is an estimated 5,000 or so users who are in the Black iFunny Community. Black iFunny made it's debute in later 2014 in response to the fact, as stated before, iFunny is laced with untamed racists (or at least those who appear to be). The community is thriving and is becoming very prominent. The Black community is well-known for embarrassing racist commenters by posting their FaceBook information, which reveals how young, fat, and lonely they are.


The Hood is divided into multiple distinct sections, including the music community, nationalistic community, aesthetic community, and humor section, however many users don't identify with just one and post a mix of all of them.


Nationalism serves as a beacon hope for the Black iFunny users. Nationalism is a response to the harassment Black users often receive. Some of the most prominent nationalistic accounts include Gyptian, AllBlackEverything, Alxandre, AfroLingust (inactive as of Jan 2017), and EightGod_. Their content usually consists of philosophy, empowerment, and history.


Aestheticism is popular in the Black community. There's not much to describe other that Insults is the most famous aesthetics accounts.


A good portion of the Hood is interested in music, mainly rap, RnB, and Hip Hop. This portion of the community attracts a lot of White people, either bringing hate or trying to integrate into the Hood community. GoodMusicOnly is undoubtedly the most well known music account in the Black community, as his posts interest mainly Black (and Latino) users.


Humor is what binds the community together. The majority of the content is from Black Twitter, arguably the best part of Twitter. You'll find jokes about childhood, drama, current events, tea-spilling, and the silly things White folks do. The most well-known humor accounts are Black_Twitter and HoodHumor.


Coons are basically Black cucks. While they usually come and go, and don't hold much attention in the community, there is one coon (who is most likely just somebody of another race trying to be Black to give their shit opinions some "umph"), Future_63, or AntiBLM. He goes around Black account from Black account, republishing their content so that his massa would let him has his way with his daughter. It's strongly suspected he is just some pale white kid, because he refused to comply with a small list of directions that would ultimately prove he is Black.


(Watchu want some dic)

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