The nootening (alternatively known as the noot noot spam) Was possibly the largest comment spam in the app's history (on a non-featured post), but went largely unnoticed because of how irrelevant the community that caused it was.


The incident began when a fnaf profile made a post calling out their haters. The post blew up when users wizard_kitty, revylicious, and mememastersaikusu got involved, republished the post, and told their subs to comment noot noot on the post. An hour into the spam, there were over 100 comments all saying some variation of the popular pingu catchphrase "noot noot". The spam continued throughout the night of December 6, 2014, with the comment count going above 600 comments. The post was eventually deleted the next morning and the user who originally posted the post that prompted the spam has fade into obscurity. The incident has become a meme of sorts within the small community, and there have been attempts to revive it; however, all have failed to reach the scope of the original.

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