General Information

I've had iFunny for a long time, probably since it came out in April, 2011. Over the course of 2 years I kept changing the theme of my account- at one point, a gaming haven; at another, a desperate "like to find your date" poster. In December, 2013, user Le_Zeke rejoined iFunny after a hiatus. I noticed a few problems with his account and decided to write a post about it in a sort of newspaper-ish fashion, which I called the iFunniest News. The first post, which gained around 30 likes, was my most successful post yet, and people wanted more. After 4-5 months of steadily posting papers daily, I had reached 10,000 subscribers. I could not thank those readers enough.


In May, 2014, the user Logics had created three popular magazine/newspaper covers entitled "The iFunny Times." A success, the covers had headlines that involved the current goings-on of iFunny. iFunnyChef approved of them.

When rumors reached me that Logics was going to be asked to create an official iFunny Newspaper, I felt the need to join in. So, I talked to him. After a long conversation, we agreed to co-own the official iFunny Newspaper and we set to work.

So far, we've had an unpredictable posting schedule and lineup (with different writers and desginers) and I'm the only original team member left. But, at least during the summer, we are going to try to post one paper a week!

Trivial Information

I have contacts with hundreds of popular, unpopular, and in-between users, and regular conversation with Chef. So stay tuned for some great content!    

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