General Information

Thndrstrike is a user who has been on iFunny since mid-2012. He has been posting semi-regularly since April 2013 and has been a themed account twice (as YouTubePoop_ and MLBHighlights), both of which posted on a regular schedule. Despite his longevity on the app and being a themed account for a period of time, Thndrstrike has never been Featured and only has a little over 250 subs (as of August 2015).


Thndrstrike also runs the rapidly-growing music-themed account SongsILike, which was created July 29th and has been posting regularly (at six songs a day) since. Thndrstrike has no intention of getting Featured on the SongsILike account, however. Rather, the SongsILike account is meant to be more of a community-driven profile where he shares his music tastes with his iFunny followers.

Trivial Information

Thndrstrike's real name is Noah. Noah lives in the biggest shithole in California (Salinas) and is currently a high-school freshman (as of August 2015). He is also pretty much broke (am cri). Noah also thinks Ares is a huge Chef dick rider who is only able to feel happiness by banning users such as OgreTheRainbow (rest in peace sweet prince).

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