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that guy who loves Natalia Poklonskaya...

will always use a GIF of Natalia for every goodnight post :)

Sandpaper Condoms or simply "Sandpaper" is a popular user who joined IFunny in 2013.He posts primarily funny content known as "shitpost. He is one of the original members of $WA. He has been banned numerous times his most recent ban started the Meme Servers War of 2017. He meme died January 27, 2017 due to Zika while serving in the war. His funeral was held February 26, 2017.

"I came on a white supremacist looool" - spIcy


  • ate a bbq pizza for lunch today, pretty good.
  • a true gamer
  • literally beat eric pp in mwr 15 times. trash lolll
  • got that purp with Kyler.Kingz
  • plays battlefield 1 with CabbageGuy32 everyday
  • out here shopping at K-Mart with John
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