The UNF or the United Nationalist Front was a group created by Imperial_Japan under the name KS (Kamikaze Squad) as a private group of friends, later forming into a group open to applicants. The UNF saw growth then stagnation. The group was disbanded March 23rd 2015. In June of 2015 the group was reborn under the leadership of True_Deutschland_UNF, with help from CU_CAredneck_UR, SwedishNationalist and Kin_Is_Everything. The day of new UNF's founding, several original planners (Kin, True_Deutschland, SwedishNationalist) joined into an innocuous Skype call. The call lead to a raid on NU (a fellow Nationalist group) at 3:33 AM. Thus began the new era of the group, including several months of imperialism against rivals. Currently the group carries the platform away from iFunny to else where to spread their idea of nationalism. The group sometimes gets the name of neo nazis, xenophobes, racists, fascists, and other names used against members of the far right.

The Death of UNF

After moths of decline, the leadership of the organization decided to fake the death of UNF. Opting to close off membership to a select few. The Organization now consists of general political discussion, and memes.

Former members today

The founder of the 2nd UNF has since changed his username to Exzy, and has become an authoritarian centrist.

A co-founder of the 2nd UNF Kin now runs a bait account (will remain unnamed) and raids chats on kik with his homosexual lovers in the Paleo Chat.

Nokk is dead, most likely killed himself in a tank.

NordicSteel got banned

Hetuck_Ohioan is relatively inactive on iFunny

David is a fuck boy hype beast

UnitedWithIslam was their undercover agent for a time

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