General Information

Untouchable is a verified popular user, currently holding nearly 200 thousand subscribers, and 194 featured posts. This user is considered widely to be one of the most notorious users on the app, having been involved in numerous scandals.


The earliest scandal against Untouchable followed the posting of photos outlining his participation in criminally illegal activities within the app including confirmed reports of subscriptions to child pornagraphy accounts. Thsee photos surfaced following the successful crusades of users against illegal content. The amount of awareness of this photo spread a large amount, forcing Untouchable into silence and eventually a temporary ban. It is believed that his popularity within the general community allowed him to be unbanned. The second, and most recent scandal regarding Untouchable followed the mass banning of thousands of users from the application for no apparent reason. The initial shock following the mass banning, described as the 'great ban holocaust' almost immediately began with fingers being pointed at Untouchable. Official responses denied untouchable's involvement in the bannings, and a large amount of banned users were unbanned following public outcry against iFunny and Untouchable.

Trivial Information

Untouchable typically posts generic humour images, along with content that would be considered to be interesting by the general userbase. Given his popularity, his content is tailored more towards a broad audience.

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